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Ritual Spoons

These are not ordinary Spoons.  These are Medicine Spoons, made up of a male part (handle/stem) and a female part (bowl/womb). 

The Yin and Yang elements allow for giving and receiving.

These spoons are made to be used in ritual, to make offerings, to pour out libations and to feed the mouth of the Spirit. They are containers of abundance and prosperity. They are amulets against hunger and emptiness. 

One way to work with the spoon is to ritually feed things. 

You may feed the River, the Earth, deities, gods and goddesses, spirits or yourself. Simply fill the bowl with a liquid like milk or honey. Hold the stem while speaking your intention. Then pour out the prayer infused offering.  There are endless ways to work with your medicine spoon. 

Be creative. 

The trees that these spoons are carved from have been spoken to, prayed to and honored. Each spoon is alive therefore we provide a handmade bag to house it in. We do not cut down trees to create our carvings. The wood comes from fallen trees and salvaged trees from our community. 

May your spoon always be full!

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