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Mountain Range

We  are Artists.  
We are Healers.  
We are Medicine people fulfilling our life's purpose in service to spirit.

Brent and Olivia  are spiritual healers, cowry shell diviners, and artists.  They studied with the late Elder Malidoma Somé, who gave them their  Beyi names.  Brent and Olivia  are currently completing the Indigenous Ancestral Spirit Technology course and the year long divination certification with Elder Theresa  Brittany.


Brent’s passion is empowering others to fully embrace the wisdom and authentic magic that is found within each of us. By working directly with his ancestors and spirit guides, Brent creates functional tools for ritual work and for those on an active healing path. 


Olivia is  excited to guide others on their own healing  journeys by connecting deeply to ancient wisdom through ritual and transformational creativity. 

"My craft started from a need for personal medicine tools that weren’t mass produced by a consumer centric  agent of the machine.  I needed the tools in my spiritual tool bag to come from a seed of conscience power and purpose and to carry a particularly high vibration. So, I set out to make my own tools and realized two things; I had inherited this gift from my ancient ancestors and that I was meant to make these tools for other folks on the healing path."

  "My creations are very much alive. My process begins with guidance from my ancestors. Offerings are made and I stay within conversation with the trees and critters I am working with. My inspiration is from past lives, Nature, the Elements, the Animals and the old old ways of our species. In this life I hope to bring about positive change in my community, harmony with nature and deep healing to the psyche of society and the world. My goal is to live and fulfill my purpose so there is no need to return and try it all again."   

                                                             Brent Hodge

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