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Mineral Remembers Rattle

Mineral Remembers Rattle


Mineral Rattle

This rattle holds the medicine of the Mineral Clan. Scientist check in with rocks to see what the weather was thousands and even millions of years ago because the rocks are record keepers. Locked inside mineral is the story of the Earth and the Universe from the beginning of time. Our bones are also minerals and therefor hold this wisdom as well as the collective knowledge of our Ancestors right here inside of our body. This is why we say “I can feel it in my bones,” when we instinctively know something. Mineral can help us with communication and connecting with our community.

Hand made from cherry wood and painted with milkpaint..

Contains mineral elements, bones, stones, corn and a written prayer inside.  

Domain of Mineral: Memory, Community, Bones, Divine Purpose, Story of the Orgin

Comes with a hand crafted fabric case.

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