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Gold Kontomblé Rattle

Gold Kontomblé Rattle


Kontomblé Rattle. This rattle calls forth the Kontomble, the little people, the little ones that can walk through dimensions on their morning stroll with ease. They are not constricted by the "laws"of the universe. They are often found in caves, deep forests, around the river's edge, on the edge of the farm or any threshold. Every culture on Earth knows of them and has a name for them.  Kontomblé is the Dagara name for them. Other names for them- the Fay, Faires, Gnomes, Nunnehi, Ircinrraaq, Vættr, Wight, Aliens, Kijimuna, Chaneque, Elves....


Hand made from cherry wood and painted with milk paint. Contains shiny things, corn and a written prayer inside.  


Comes with a hand crafted fabric case.

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